EdTech Providers and Startups – A Rolling List

A continually updated list of EdTech providers and startups

A continually updated list of EdTech providers and startups.

In simple terms the types of EdTech suppliers are:

  • Content Providers – Those who provide online learning materials.
  • Tutoring Marketplaces – Communities where students can connect with and procure tutoring services.
  • Technology – Software and hosted services for different types of educational technology solutions.
  • Specialist – A tool designed for a specific learning function.

Content Providers

  • Udemy is an online learning platform with 130,00 courses on dozens of different topics, from marketing to singing.
  • Skillshare focuses on providing hands-on, creative lessons with project based homework that helps learners accumulate practical skills.
  • Course Hero provides university students with libraries full of study guides, course materials, and past papers from a large list of name brand universities.
  • CuriosityStream is “Netflix for educational content”, like documentaries and educational series.
  • Teachoo – Hosts a variety of online courses designed for English speaking students in India. Current course offering include tax preparation, Microsoft Excel and math.
  • Outschool – Small live classes designed for homeschooling. Over 1,000 live classes designed for children, including ballet, drawing, STEM skills and anthropology.
  • Lingoda is an online language school.  The startup’s platform offers group or 1-to-1 classes in English, German, French, or Spanish.
  • Quizizz is a gamified learning platform for children and employees. Teachers can create quizzes or use a library of existing content for student assignments.
  • Busuu compacts learning languages into digestible, bite sized pieces that are based on the learner’s proficiency level.

Tutoring Marketplaces

  • GoStudent is an online tutoring platform. The website helps find tutors across 14 different school subjects, from math to English.
  • Cambly is an on-demand video platform for finding English language tutors. Includes features for lesson recordings, chat translations, courses and certifications.
  • Preply – Marketplace for finding tutors in a variety of different languages. The Preply platform also contains a “structured learning” option for those that want a tutor to help them take a more organized route. In addition to rankings, Preply also ranks tutors based on a machine learning model.
  • Brainly is a social learning network. Users can ask questions about a range of different school subjects.
  • Cuemath operates a live-class platform for learning math and coding. Classes are held on Cuemath’s own platform with access to video calls and personalized worksheets.
  • Thinkful’s gives students access to premium technology educators, offering in-demand skills like data analytics, UX/UI, digital marketing, and software engineering.


LMS (Learning Management System)

  • Braincert – All the tools and expertise you need to learn, teach, market, and collaborate online – All in one place.
  • Embrace is a tool for helping teachers document student performance in the classroom.
  • Wonderschool gives child caretakers the ability to start a school out of their homes with a comprehensive software platform designed for non-technical users.
  • Top Hat is aiming to reinvent online learning with immersive experiences like lectures that include GIFS, 3D images, and stimulating presentations.
  • Panorama partners with over 1500 educational districts across America to provide a dashboard of student behavior, attendance, grades and more.

Communications and Collaboration

  • Microsoft Teams for Education – Microsoft’s collaboration platform tailored for education.
  • Gecko Engage – An AI-powered chatbot for engaging students.
  • SchoolCloud – Software solutions to improve how schools operate, used in over 4,000 schools around the world.
  • Brightwheel automates billing and staff management, monitors student health, and lets educators communicate directly with parents.
  • Ajenta – High-quality, real-time communication platform for virtual learning environments.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • ClassVR – The world’s first virtual reality set designed specifically for schools, ClassVR provides teachers with everything they need to deliver engaging VR lessons.
  • CospacesMake your own virtual creations, animate them with code and explore them in VR or AR – suitable for any age and school subject
  • Labster hosts several “virtual labs” for doing experiments in VR. Specifically, students use VR and AR software to practice lab techniques virtually.
  • Mursion is a VR training platform for workplace training.


  • Lessonly is software to help facilitate in-house staff training for companies.
  • Administrate – A Training Management Platform.
  • BetterUp – Coaching and training platform designed to boost employee engagement and productivity.
  • CoachHub is a B2B digital coaching provider. This startup creates personalized talent development programs for employees to hone their skills and delivers them remotely via video.
  • Guild is an education platform that upskills your workers and prepares your organization for the future.
  • InStride provides enterprise education for employees at large companies like Aramark, Adidas, Carvana and many more.
  • EduMe – Mobile Training for your Deskless Workforce.
  • Vidizmo – A YouTube-like video learning platform for creation of a virtual training library to mentor and upskill your employees.
  • TalentLMS – A cloud learning platform ideal for creating online courses and sharing them with remote teams.


  • Photomath is a mobile application for solving mathematical equations instantly. The app uses the smartphone’s camera to scan math problems and provide solutions with step-by-step explanations.
  • SplashLearn is a gamified math learning product for elementary school children.
  • RangeForce operates a cloud-based learning platform for cybersecurity training.

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