Blockchain Certs – Assuring the Integrity of Digital Certifications

Publishing digital certificates on the Blockchain can tackle issues like diploma falsification.

The previous blog describes the role of digital identity technologies in facilitating digitized academic credentials.

This can be further augmented with the Blockchain, to assure the authenticity of awarded certificates.

Blockchain Certs

Our school diplomas and university degrees are credentials that every one can easily relate to and understand the societal value of, and with the rise in fake certificate fraud an obvious demonstrator of the need for the assured integrity of these documents. Countries like the Bahamas are now issuing Blockchain-based academic certificates.

Key technologies include ‘Blockcerts‘, an open source blockchain project for enabling a Universal Verifier that will verify any Blockcert issued by any institution, anywhere in the world. LearningMachine provides this thorough introduction, explaining their relationship to digital badges.

Via their Medium article UniversaBlockchain explore the scenario of Blockchain in Education.

They highlight keynote problems like the high rates of medical school diploma falsification as pain points a technology like Blockchain is ideal for tackling in some form, among a wave of other transformative benefits for the sector as it ripples through all workflow areas related to HR, resume checking, et al.

Athena builds on this some, notably detailing the core signature process that underpins the integrity of the record, as a comparison to traditional paper-based approaches:

  • Blockchain-enabled digital certificates are immutable and cannot be forged.
  • The records are stored on a distributed ledger, hence certificates can be only evaluated by anyone who has access to the blockchain.
  • Since the records are stored in a shared distributed ledger, the certificate can still be validated even if the organization that had issued it no longer exists.
  • The digital certificates stored in the ledger can only be destroyed if all the copies in every system are destroyed.

Featured Vendor: CertifyMe

CertifyMe is a VC backed SaaS solution, based out of Bangalore India.

Their immutable crypto credentials use advanced technologies like the AWS Quantum ledgers to ensure your credentials are secure. 40+ features includes advanced options like cryptographic signatures based on RSA SHA-1 and Id Tagging.

Each of their credentials is enabled with a unique QR Code. Their Immutable Cryptographic Credentials can further be linked with the awardee’s unique identities like a Passport number, drivers licence, etc.

CertifyMe helps your awardee publish your credentials across 50+ social media platforms. Their certificates are also customizable to include a branding banner and a CTA button.

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