21st Century Digital Education

Best Practices

Digital Education technology and teaching practices for 21st Century Learning Design.

Learning Community

The Internet has ushered in an era and technology capability that can radically transform how Education is organized and delivered. Our community documents pioneering exemplars from across the world for others to learn from and emulate.

Blogs providing news and insights.

Knowledge base articles for detailed level documentation.

Webinars for interactive learning sessions.

Best Practices

The knowledge base catalogues technology innovations and the new models for Education delivery they enable, with open source resources for replicating those practices, including staff skills and training.

Detailed analysis of EdTech projects from around the world, distilling the teaching and technology models into the knowledge base.

Vision and Transformation

Ideas and policies for the dramatic modernization of Education.

Virtual Classrooms

Best tools and practices for delivering online learning.

Digital Certification

Digitizing certificates and badges, authenticated through the Blockchain.

The Eduverse

Metaverse environments configured for Education purposes.


Enhancing engagement through gamifying courses and reward schemes.

EdTech Ventures

The role of commercial education providers, such as tutoring communities.


Agile Development

How to Create MVC Using the Java Language

Digital Identity

Self Sovereign Identity for Digital Government

Keynote presentations from industry thought leaders.

Virtual Classrooms for hands on learning tutorials.

Networking Conferences multi-speaker events with attendee networking.

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Webinar Replays and Knowledge Base

Each webinar is archived for replay access, and documented into our knowledge base.

We work with speakers to design topics that contribute modules to an overall learning agenda, synthesized with other speakers and content to form an integrated body of knowledge.

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Will Potter

Will Potter

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Carmen Reyes

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Angela Briggs

Front End Developer

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Wilmot Elledge

Back End Developer

Curriculum Team

The best practices content agenda is collaboratively developed by our team of Advisors, Contributors and Speakers.

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Gary Hart

Gary Hart

Software Engineer

Lane Mcgee

Lane Mcgee

Programming Mentor

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